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Review: Something only we know – Author: Kate Long *** Warning – possible spoiler alert


Something only we know – Kate Long

Kate Long is no stranger to writing.  If you’re unfamiliar with her books, then please head on over to Kate’s website for the low-down here.

Rating 10/10

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Having little knowledge of Anorexia Nervosa except for remembering with sadness the likes of Karen Carpenter and Lena Zavaroni, I was unsure what to expect from Kate’s latest book.  However, it certainly gave me an insight into this cruel condition and devastating disease.  Kate dealt with the issues with sensitivity, any concerns the reader may have had about perhaps inadvertently promoting the practice to youngsters, served as a useful education of the condition.

The two central characters, sisters, ‘Jen’ and ‘Hels’ are polar extremes but despite their differences, sibling protection, love and caring still abound.  Immediately warming to them as they have a similar age gap to myself and my own ‘little’ sister – who are also opposites in nature and character.

I enjoyed the way that Kate crafted this book, easily immersing the reader in the centre of the action.  I really felt like a voyeur in the home of The Crossley family.  Secret witness to the changes in dynamics as we shift, beautifully, through the book.  I can remember thinking in the beginning what a self-indulgent prima donna ‘Hels’ must be and what devastating effects this condition must have had on her family.  As a mother of four, two of each, with the youngest two teenage girls – I couldn’t help but ponder on what life must be like for the mother in particular and couldn’t help but warm to ‘Mum’ even though at times she could be over-bearing and yes, I genuinely was concerned for the lynchpin in this family when she became ill.

‘Owen’ – well thank goodness in the end.

‘Ned’ – ditto.

Kate – thank you for writing yet another wonderful book, with believable characters – flawed but perfect at the same time.  A bit like all of us!  It takes a writer of great note to be able to express light and shade so beautifully, with honesty that allows us all a glimpse into the lives of others.

I look forward to reading many more of your books and following your updates.

You can find more information about Kate and her writing at her website.  You can also follow her on Twitter @volewriter

You can buy Kate’s book for Kindle on Amazon here or check out your local bookstore – if they don’t have it – ask if they’ll stock it … you won’t be sorry you did!

Click on the picture to go get it now!


4 thoughts on “Review: Something only we know – Author: Kate Long *** Warning – possible spoiler alert

  1. Looking to follow your blog but I can’t find a button in the usual place.

  2. I’m posting a link to this from my website – hope that’s OK? Many thanks for your lovely words! x

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